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Trekkers’ information Management system is know as TIMS charges are applicable for foregin trekkers in different trekking route in Nepal.TIMS card should colleted by both free individual trekkers FITS and trekkers taking the service of goverment authorised trekking agencies.Based on the data collected through TIMS card, It will be possible to know the position of a trekker in case rescueoperation when nedded

The provision of TIMS came into effect on janaurary 01 2008, since then the TAAN and NTB started recording trekkers’ detils and being issuing TIMS card to trekkers.

FITS Need Green colour TIMS card by paying Nrs. 2000.00 perperson while those traveling in groups ( guide or supporter, sherpa etc) need to have blue TIMS car by paying Nrs. 1000.00 perperson citizen from the SAARC will have to pay Nrs.600.00 for FIT and Nrs. 300.00 for group SAARCnationl will have read color

where and how to obtained TIMS card?

FIT Card obtained from : TAAN secretariat at Maligau kathmandu, TIMS counter Thamel, and Pokhara NTB in kathmandu and pokhara up on filling the TIMS application firm

Organized trekkers


Nepal is one of the richest country in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitudinal variation. the elevation of the country range from 60m. above sea leavel to the highest point on earth mt Everest 8,848m. all within a distace of 150km resulting into climatic condition from sub-tropical to Arctic

Area: 1,47,181sq. km

Location: Situated between china in the north and India in the south, east and west

Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 26.49 million

People: Nepal has125 cast/ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages

Language: Nepali is the national language, travel trade people understand and speak english as well

Religion: Nepal is a secular state with a pre dominance of Hindu and Buddhist Population

Curreny: Nepali Rupees

Political System: Federal Democratic republica

Climate: Nepal has four  major seasons 1: Winter: December -February 2: Spring: March -May

3: Summer: June -August 4: Autumn: September-November. monsoons are from june till mid september. Nepal can be visited the whole year and whole year trekking

What to Wear: Light weight clothing is recommended from may through October. Warm garments are required 10October March and umbrella or a raincot is a must for the rain season

Access to Nepal: 1: By Air:Nepal air lines is the National flag carrierof Nepal with flight to \from Delhi,Kula Lumpur, bagkok, doha and Hong kong other internation airlines also operation from \ to kathmandu   2: By Land :a: Pani tanki /Kakarvitta b: Raxul/Birjung c: Sunawali /Belahiys D: Rupaidiya/Nepaljung  E:Mohana/Dhangadi f: Bonbassa/Mahendranagar G: Ghasa,Liping/Tatopani on the tibet China Nepal borde

Nepal Uniquee treasures:

-Mt Everest- Highest peak on Earth

Kumari – The Living goddes

Lumbini- the birth place of Buddha

-tilicho lake-world highest lake

Lomanthang -King dom of Nepal

Mt fistil-holly peak and sacred mountain

World heritage Sites:

Lumbini the birth place of buddha

seven monuments of Kathmandu

chitwan natural heritage

-Sagarmatha Natural heritage

Foreigner who intends to visit Nepal most hold valid passport,passport size photo with a light background or any travel document equivalent to passport issued the govermnet for visiting foreign country prior to apply

For visa:

A) Entry: No foreign is entitled to enter into and stay in the Nepal without valid visa. Tourist visa can be obtainedfor the following duration from the Nepalese Embassy or consulate or other mission or immigration offices located on entry point in Nepal

B) Good News for Chinese Citizen: New Goverment regulation ensures on arrival visa for all chinese citizen In Nepal

C) Visa fee:

1(A): visa fee required to abtainedtourism visa from Nepalese diplomatic agencies and entry points

1( B): US $ 30 or equivalent foreign currency for tourist visa with multiple entry for 15 days

2: US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency for tourist visa with multiple entry For 30 days

3: US $ 100 0r equivalent forign currency for tourist visa with multiple entry for 100 days 

4: Regardless of the provision stated in 1 (A) and 1 (B) tourist with passport from southAsian association for regional cooperation SAARC nation are not required to pay visa fee for 30 days.


D) Fee Required to extend duration of visa or renew visa:

* extension cost $30 for 1-15 days what ever you are required

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