Everest Base camp Trek:

Everest Base camp Trek:


Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world which is located at the altitude of 8848m. from sea level. Located in Sagarmatha national park, the mountain stands as a testimony to the sprit of the human race and their attempt to conquer nature’s challenges. Among eight mountains crossing the line of eight thousand meters, Mt. Everest bears big name to introduce Nepal in the global map. Named after sir George Everest,the British surveyor-general on India, Everest is known as Chomoulungma in Tibet and Sagarmatha in Nepal. Newry and New Zeland sir Edmund Hillary and Nepali Tenzing Norgay Sherpa became the first to scale the highest peak in may 29, 1953 from the Southeast Ridge route. Later on Junko Tabei  became the first woman summit the Everest via the south East ridge

Nepali Appa Sherpa holds the records of most Everest ascent with 18 times.likewise, sherchanNepali Min Bahadur is the oldest climber of the Mount Everest who did the age of 77. Ms. Lakpa Sherpa is the only woman to summit Everest Three times. These are only some of the records that men have made over the highest peak in the world.climbers have two options to scale Everest, one is from southeast ridge and another is south pillar.

Mt. Everest has been calling out to trekkers and climbers since the first appeared in the telescopes of mountain surveyors,and the trails that climb through the foothills of the world’s highest mountain still offer some of the most challenging trekking in Nepal. Like Annapurna region, the district of Solu and Khambu have been extensively developed for trekking, with well maintained trails and plentiful lodges, but the trekking routes start higher and stay higher touching the top of some of the most famous mountains in the Himalaya

Most trekkers fly in to Lukla, climbing steeply through the mountain of Khumbu to Everest Base camp stunning viewpoint at Kalapatthar or the sacred lake Gokyo. However, you will be better able to deal with the effects of the altitude if you walk via the trails from the Shivalaya because many treks climb above 4000m. Acute mountain sickness is a serious risk in this region. It is essential to ascend slowly and take the recommended rest day.

Solu Khambu is the home land of the Sherpa people who have become famous for their skill as guides mountaineers. As often as not , the Buddhist monuments of the Sherpa-Stupas, Shortens, Mani wall and Gompas mirror the towering landscape all around.


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