Yours Checklist for Trekking in Nepal

Yours Checklist for Trekking in Nepal

trekking in Nepal gearBefore you embark on trekking in Nepal.

There are a number of things that you need to seriously consider. These will form the basis of your trip as they are some of the most basic issues that you need to handle before you start off.

Consider the level that a Trekking Company in Pokhara Offers

There are different trekking levels that one can engage in. You need to know the trekking company in Pokhara and where they plan to take you before you embark on the trip. This is not about the geographical location only but also about the terrain that is in the area. Generally, trekking in Nepal is at a moderate level. This means that it is challenging for avid trekkers although it is not impossible. If you are not fit or have not been engaging in exercise, it is best to start engaging in physical activity in order to enjoy the trek.

How much Are Permits for Trekking in Pokhara?

Another important factor is the cost of trekking permits. Trekking in Pokhara is relatively affordable and not as expensive as other areas such as Mustang. A permit and costs for the latter are about $500. This price is as a result of the location and remoteness of the area. To visit the place, you have to be in a large group. Going to the Everest Base Camp and other areas in Pokhara will, therefore, be a more viable option. Accommodation is in plenty and security is tight enough for you to trek as a small group.

Ask the Trekking Agency in Pokhara about Altitude

Some people suffer from altitude sickness. Ensure that you ask the trekking agency in Pokhara about the altitude of the place you will be trekking. You are then able to gauge the likelihood that you will suffer from altitude sickness by assessing other trekking trips that you have taken. If you have had this problem at any time, then you are likely to have it again. Areas such as Langtang are lower, and thus a trek in the area will not lead to altitude sickness. However, if you opt for higher areas such as Everest, you are sure to experience altitude sickness thus making your trip less enjoyable.

A Trekking Company in Pokhara versus a Local Tour Guide

If you are trekking in Nepal, you need to decide whether to use a local guide or a trekking company. The latter will organize for all the permits, costs and accommodation in the package provided. This is more convenient as opposed to doing everything ‘on the fly’ which is what you will have to do if you are using a local tour guide.

Trekking in Nepal can be a very incredible experience if the trip is properly planned beforehand. Follow the guidelines above, and you will be able to make the most out of your trip, whether you are in a large or a small group.

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