Nar Phu and Kanglapass Trek

Nar Phu and Kanglapass Trek


Nar Phu is known as “The Land of Snow Leopard.” It is one of the most mysterious, Naturalists paradise and extraordinary destination in Annapurna. It has unique Natural, cultural, geographical wonders making it the most sought after destination in Nepal. Nar Phu region was the place that Khampa refugee (from Tibet)once capture and lived illegally in surrounding villages. Only open to trekkers in 2002. This area was first explored by Tilman in 1950. The Nar Phu region it has lots of offer curious and adventurous trekkers far removed from the modern times, the hidden valleys have retained their ancient Tibetan orientated culture, something that is virtually lost in mainstream Tibet. Pisang peak and Kag guru a rarely seen peek dominated the horizon.There are 63 households in Nar and 39 in Phu the Trek start from Koto and end in Nawal after crossing the Kangla pass 5306m.

The Trek is characterized by remote exciting and challenging trail the most will enjoy. However be aware that many sections are narrow loose underfoot and exposed. There is of course sections of path that is pure delight through fresh pine across dry meadow dotted with sweet smelling juniper and beneath towering snowy range. This is also an excellent habit of the blue sheep, Chyakhura, Himalayan snow cook, different spaces of bird and elusive snow leopard.A hot spring near the Hulaki odar (Postman cave) on the bank of the Nar river offering soothing natural bath!!! The bath apart from being a natural therapy is believed to cure skin disorders.Deep gorge of Lepche river locally known as Mahendra Poon and Dona waterfall near Dharamsala are the bonus attraction.

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