Exploring the Trekking Trails of Nepal

Exploring the Trekking Trails of Nepal

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Are you an adventure enthusiast, a hiker or a trapper, you will love trekking in Nepal. This is the home of Mount Everest and the world’s highest mountain peak that is surrounded by mountains. This is what makes it a popular destination for trekkers from across the globe. These lofty mountains and Mount Everest gives visitors a chance to follow scenic trekking trails and discover the unexplored ones.

Why Do Many Trekkers Love Trekking in Nepal?

Although Mount Everest is found in the neighboring countries, eight of the 14 highest peaks of the mountain are in Nepal. Trekkers come across wildlife sanctuaries, and there are plenty of other activities that you can engage in while on the trek.

Plenty of Trekking Trails in the Himalayan Land

annapurna from pokharaThere are plenty of trekking trails that have been discovered, and others are yet to. As a visitor, you should consider seeking the assistance of a trekking agency in Pokhara so that you can follow the most scenic trails. Dolpo, Annapurna, Mustang, Everest base camp, Langtang region, Kanchanjungha, and Manaslu are the most popular regions for trekking.

You Experience More with a Trekking Agency in Pokhara

During your trek in Nepal, you will enjoy spectacular views along the way. You have a chance of viewing over 750 bird species; there are mountain hamlets and animals that you see along the way. For the nature lovers, this is a rewarding trek that sees you discover the rare and exotic flora and fauna. Trekking in Pokhara is an experience that you will not have anywhere else.

Different Trekking Levels

Whether you are old, young, weak or strong, you can enjoy trekking in Nepal. With a good trekking company in Pokhara, you will get different trekking levels. For those that are not strong enough and feel like they are not comfortable for an intense trekking, they start with low-grade trekking trails although this is where everyone should start from. Due to the high altitude in high-grade levels, a trekker should be very cautious and can only follow these trails while in perfect health. Challenges of following such a trail include breathing issues.

Trekking Advice with Trekking Company in Pokhara

You get all the advice needed before trekking considering the health risks that trekkers are exposed to. With a good trekking company in Pokhara, you learn the things you should carry such as woolen clothes, first aid kit with medicine, knives and gripped a pair of shoes for your convenience.

This Himalayan land has something for every visitor no matter which level you are in. Trekkers opt for low, middle and high-level grades. With the guidance of an expert, you will enjoy trekking in Pokhara, and you get more than just trekking. One thing you should ensure is you have a medical checkup with your doctor. This way you will know how much you can trek and when you should stop. The altitude can be too high for your health at some points.

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