First-Timer Tips When Trekking in Nepal

First-Timer Tips When Trekking in Nepal

Nepal has been named by different travel experts as the top trekking destination.  Just the thought of completing the trek in the place where the tallest mountain in the world is located will be enough to motivate even the novice hiker.  If you are perfectly fit, you love a good long walk, and you want to completely immerse yourself in the local culture, you will realize that trekking in Pokhara is a great sense of adventure.

Important Tips When Trekking in Nepal

In case you are a first-timer, and you want to take a hike, you may want to start easy.  Looking for a trekking agency in Pokhara will be a good start.  They can help you with your preparations and deal with some of your concerns.  Speaking of preparations, here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind.

Preparation for the Hike

hiking in nepalWhen you are planning to go for a holiday vacation in Nepal, you need to understand that the tourism of the country is focused on the outdoor adventure and activities.  In order to enjoy your trekking experience, you need to ensure that your body is ready.  Trekking in Nepal requires days of walking.  You need to increase your stamina and improve your endurance 3 to 6 months before your travel to Nepal.  Go to the nearby hills or start practicing daily by taking a walk to go to your work.  You should also look for a quality hiking boot.  Make sure that they are comfortable and durable.

Packing Your Things

The Trekking Company in Pokhara recommends packing layers than the big jackets.  This will help you on a low-altitude trek.  You may want to include long-sleeves and fleeces in your luggage.  You should also consider adding walking poles.  It will help you on days that require long walks since it will take a significant weight off your knees especially if you are more than 40 years old.  In case you forget to bring some stuff, there are shops located in Thamel where you can purchase your trekking gear at an affordable price.

Environmental-Friendly Tips

trekking in pokharaThe garbage problem of Nepal is not that extreme, but it is still considered as a problem.  In order to minimize your waste, we recommend you to eat like the locals.  Choose fresh vegetables, fruits, lentils, and rice.  Most tourists bring chocolate bars, chips, and water bottles.  They are not aware that they are contributing to the garbage problem of the country.  While we do not forbid you from eating chips and chocolate when trekking in Nepal, you should also bring the trash with you when you leave.

Adjusting to the Altitude

The change in altitude can affect people in different manners.  Trekking agency in Pokhara will advise you to start at a slow pace.  There are days where you will be allowed to acclimatize to adjust your body.  You will find this helpful when going on the higher altitude.  There are also instances when individuals do not cope well with the change in attitude.  Fortunately, the leaders of the trek are highly accustomed about this issue.

The tips listed above are some of the things that you need to remember before you travel to Nepal.  These important tips will help the first timers survive when trekking in Nepal.

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