Tips That Will Make You Have a Wonderful Trekking Experience

Tips That Will Make You Have a Wonderful Trekking Experience

Trekking is a wonderful activity to those who plan well and gather all the pre-requisites that are needed in the whole exercise. Besides the difficulties and challenges contained in the trekking paths, walking in foreign places with no hospitals or police stations nearby is something that is enough to worry about. Owing to these potential mishaps and hindrances, it is good to ensure that you gather all the things that will guarantee you comfort and safety as you explore nature and learn things. Below are some of the tips that can help you manage your trekking in Nepal.

It’s good to Plan Early, Three Days Prior

Trekking CalendarPeople who don’t plan are normally planning to fail, that is true when it comes to trekking. Two or three days prior to your trekking, you should find the best trekking company Pokhara. Some people prefer to have a personal trekking experience but the possibility of them not making it on the journey is very high. A trekking company will be responsible for your safety, direction guides and handling all emergencies that you will encounter while on the exercise. It will arrange all flights, book all the accommodation and ensure that you have the best local transport in Nepal.

Trekking Guides and Porters Must be in Your Trip Plan

As a new trekker in Nepal, it is highly suggested that you look for trekking agency in Pokhara. Assuming that you want to trek in the Himalaya Mountains, these are places that contain a lot of routes that could be difficult for a new trekker to know where he or she is exactly heading. The agency will attach you to experienced trekkers who not only know all the directions, but they also know the native local languages of Nepal. You will be able to ask questions and learn as you take photos of the places for remembrance.

Excellent Self-Preparation is Important

trekking and cooking in nepalYou have the trekking agency in Pokhara, you have the guides, but you don’t have the trekking gear. Big mistake! Make sure that you plan your food, your clothing and all the necessary basic requirements for your trip. When trekking, weather always vary from time to time, sometimes it might be cold, sometimes it might be hot. Carry both warmth generating clothes and light clothes so that you stay ready for any kind of weather. You should also carry some medication like antibiotics, painkillers and other types of helpful medication so that in the event of any injury or sickness, you will be able to get quick first aid. Headlamp, Toilet paper, Hand sanitizer and trekking boots are among the things that you should carry for you to have a nice trekking experience.

The bottom line is that you should be careful, know what you will need and plan well for your journey. You can research online to see the nature of the place you will be visiting so that you plan perfectly to avoid any mishaps when trekking in the wilderness.

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