Top Places to Be in Nepal the Himalayan Country

Top Places to Be in Nepal the Himalayan Country

Nepal is a typical home for the long and wide mountains in the world especially in its county called Himalaya. Besides the peaks and valleys, there are a lot of trekking parts, rivers and many other public places that you can tour and have a wonderful time in. There are a lot of activities that one can do when in this country because of the vast availability of amenities. Plan your vacation correctly because, with more than 500 attractions, you could get confused on which place to tour and which one not to in Nepal the Himalayan Country.

Himalayan River Valley

In the front of the mountain Kailash, there is a joint of Himalaya’s famous rivers including Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, the Indus and holiest river the Ganges. This River valley is not only fantastic because of its continuous rapids. It is also beautiful because of its green surrounding that is pimped with green open fields and resting places. As you walk by the shores, you will find excellent beaches and tree shades where you can relax and enjoy the fresh breeze. If you want a boat ride or a rafting experience, this is the best place to tour, and you will have a remarkable experience.

Advance Your Adventure in the High Altitude Mountains

High Altitude Mountains provide an excellent point of adventure where people can explore the high mountains. As they trek through the roads that are located on the topmost of the tallest Himalayan Mountains. When you are moving through the hills, you will have the best passes like Dungri la pass, Khardung La pass and famous Chang La pass. They are among the most beautiful mountain passes that you will enjoy at all time. Nepal, the Himalayan Country, is full of treasures that you can have the best time exploring them if you plan well.

Experience Distinguished Wildlife Tours

The Himalayan Wildlife is one of the most beautiful places to tour. You will enjoy seeing a lot of animal species including the rare Himalayan red and black bears. The wildlife of this place is well-preserved meaning you will have a great experience of touring and seeing the beautiful animals of this country. Should you be interested in seeing a wide variety of animals like the birds and the mammals. The Himalayan Wild Habitat and Conservation has ensured that animals are well-protected to promote the tourism industry of Nepal.

To conclude, Nepal the Himalayan Country is among the best places that people should tour to have an outstanding fun of all time. There are also pilgrimage sites where you can travel and enjoy the beautiful experience of how Buddhists worship their gods. Book your trip early so that you get enough experience in the field. To avoid any mishaps, look at the prices of the places and plan in respect to your budget.

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