Nepal Is the Best Hiking Destination

Nepal Is the Best Hiking Destination

With a magnificent landscape and different sites, going trekking in Nepal is a must! You will love the great views offered on the various sites and also get a chance to enjoy trekking. The trekking paths are nice and smooth, and this makes trekking in Nepal a must. There are different resting places specially made for trekkers to make sure you enjoy the experience. Every year, day in day out, there is a group of tourist booking trekking trips in Nepal and so should you. Some of the most significant hiking sites in Nepal are located in Pokhara and Kathmandu. In each of the places, you will enjoy different views since they are located in two separate provinces.

Trekking Experience in Pokhara

Known as the land of lakes, Pokhara is a great place for hikers and paragliding, and therefore there are always many tourists visiting the site. Of all those touring Pokhara, the majority will participate in both, and mostly, tourists know that trekking in Nepal is a must before going Paragliding.  There are close to 20 different trekking sites in Pokhara. Therefore depending on the number of days you want to spend there, you can have excellent experience trekking in Pokhara. One of the most common places where trekking is common in Pokhara is Sarangkot Naudanda.

Trekking in Sarangkot Naudanda

Located in the northwestern area of Pokhara, and it is approximately 1,600 meters above sea level. This is also the place where you will enjoy paragliding, and therefore it is a great place that attracts thousands of tourists every day. Most of the visitors will go trekking at Sarangkot hill where most tourists will love to begin the trek as they see the sunrise. So an early morning trekking experience will be nice so that you can experience sunrise in Nepal. You can arrange with your travel company so that they can make sure you arrive at the hill early for a great trekking experience and then you can enjoy paragliding later in the afternoon.

Trekking in Kathmandu

There are different sites to enjoy trekking starting off at Sundarijal, which located 20 kilometers Northeast of Kathmandu city. You can take a public taxi to Sundarijal, or you can choose to travel in the tourist bus. Most of the tourist will prefer waiting for the private bus although others still take the public taxi. If you are a new person in Nepal, you can experience the public taxi you get to learn about the people of Kathmandu. You can enjoy the trekking experience any time of the year, and there is no specific season when you will not love the experience. For the best experience, you can pass through Mulkharka and Langtang gateways.

Therefore, Trekking in Nepal is a must, and it offers a great experience since there are several different sites. You can go hiking both in Pokhara and Kathmandu. You can be accompanied by a trekking guide or if you are in a group, the better. Remember to bring plenty of drinking water as is the norm for a great hiking experience.

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