Trekking with Your Family in Pokhara

Trekking with Your Family in Pokhara

trekking in pokhara

Have you been planning your trip to Nepal? Then you should definitely include the amazing Pokhara with all of its beauty. Unique scenery, numerous activities and great food is waiting you and your family for a memorable experience. If you want to truly engage in some fun activities, then the best thing you can do is find a trekking company Pokhara and go for an adventure.

Private All Day Hike at Annapurna Foothills

Take your family on an all day hike, visiting the incredible beauty of Pokhara. Take the road away from the city and admire all the beautiful nature around you. Hike on the mountain ranged and all small Nepalese villages. This hike can last up to 8 hours, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Of course, a professional hiker will be with you at all times to show you the beauty around you and help you out along the way. A trusted trekking company Pokhara will offer you the best possible services.


Hike doesn’t necessarily means that you have to walk your way through. The trekking company Pokhara can arrange for you a bike tour. The famous royal trek is ideal for bikes, as you will ride across magnificent scenery. You will pass forests, small villages as well as beautiful lakes. You can take some rest and admire the beauty all around you to tea shops or even have a light lunch. All the necessary gear, bikes and guide will be provided by the trekking company Pokhara.

Private Sightseeing

You can arrange for a private tour that lasts approximately 6 hours and takes you to all the major attractions of Pokhara city. Check with the trekking company Pokhara for this amazing opportunity to have fun with your friends and family. Visit the Bindabasini Temple, Davis Falls, Sarangkot and the Gupteshwor Cave.

This is not a challenging hike experience, so it is ideal for all families with small children. You will have the chance to admire the incredible view of the Himalayas across the Annapurna region. If you visit during the colder months, the snowy peaks all around you will take your breath away!

3 Day Tours

If you want to expand your hiking experience, the trekking company Pokhara can offer you a 3-day tour as well. Take the old road from Pokhara to Jomsom, as the traders used to do back in the old days. Walk across this deep and marvelous canyon all the way to small villages. You will be also using some jeeps for the hardest part of the road. If you truly want to visit this area, which has so many history and tales, then this 3 or 4-day tour is the ideal for you.

Once you arrive, you can visit the trekking company Pokhara and learn more about these hikes, as well as many more. Find the one most suited to your needs and preferences, and there is no doubt that you will appreciate every single moment.

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