Trekking in Pokhara, Nepal

Trekking in Pokhara, Nepal

trekking pokharaDo you like to wander around the environment, the forests, the nearby lakes, and rivers? Then going on a trip to Pokhara, Nepal and hiring a trekking company Pokhara. This would most likely be the perfect opportunity for you to make an unforgettable holiday. You are most likely aware of all the benefits you receive out of the experience, however, did you know that trekking actually has quite a lot of additional health benefits? Here is a good list of them:

  • Weight Balance

Most people struggle by overweight, but there are those that also suffer from the lack of weight due to fast metabolism. Either way opting in for the services of a trekking company Pokhara. Would be perfect if you fall into this category as the activity itself enables you to relieve yourself from all the unnecessary substances inside your body. And replace them with those that build muscle. You would essentially be trading fats for muscles.

  • Clean Up Your Lungs

This is especially beneficial for people that used to be longtime smokers. First of all the environment in Pokhara, Nepal could be called a “virgin environment” as the air is as clean as it gets. You would be going away from the heavily polluted big city air. Which you inhale on a daily basis, even though the government agencies claim it is “in norms”. These norms are set by the government and are nowhere near close to what clean air is. Fortunately, cleansing your lungs could happen quite quickly thus going for a week long holiday might be quite enough. Be sure to talk to a trekking company Pokhara before booking your trip, though, as you would need to set up a date for the tour.

  • Building Strong Bones and Muscle Mass

The efforts required by trekking are quite a lot – you would be jumping, climbing, stretching and dodging objects. The intensive exercise will push you to your limits and allow your bones to become quite stronger in the process. If you are going on a longer trip, you will most likely require to take a backpack with you. This poses to be another dimension of added weight, make sure that you carry it properly though. Otherwise it would have a negative effect on your spine rather than strengthen it.

If you would want to develop strong muscles but are tired from the boring gym exercises, then trekking could be the solution you are aiming for. Pick out challenging topographies. You will be pushing each muscle in your entire body while conquering the route. Not only will your muscles be much stronger, they will also be flexible and agile, you won’t lose your explosiveness unlike what other forms of exercise do.

The Himalayans are the perfect place to start your trekking journey. Don’t hesitate and contact a trekking company in Pokhara to obtain any other information which you might require before booking your holiday and dwelling into this tremendous journey.

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