Trekking Equipment Lists

Trekking Equipment Lists


The company provides team of guide, porters, cook, Sherpa, Kitchen utensils, food, transportation both ways, mattresses, tents etc. Tea houses have foam mattress and your private room. You may bring own down jacket and sleeping bag or you may purchase or hire it cost $1.5.00 per day. Don’t come with out well walked in “Boots” Poor boot poor trek.

 General:-

 Light weight walking boots “walked” them prior to arrival in Nepal to avoid blisters.
 During day light weight cotton pants shorts, wrap around skirt.
 At night track top pants
 Cotton T-shirt
 Long sleeve cotton shirt, if susceptible to sunburn.
 Sun hat sunburn is severe at rare fire altitude.
 Thick outer wooden shock, thin inner cotton.
 Vaseline for feet and crutch.
 Water bottle.
 Iodine or water filters to purify water.
 Sun glasses and strap.
 Toilet and paper, Cig. Lighter. Toilet paper can be bought in Pokhara and most of the trekking trail.
 Small head lamp/ flash light/torch with spare batteries.
 Personal medical kit don’t forget ban-aid elastic bandage.
 Sun block, sunscreen, sun-tanlotion.
 Small day pack 25l.
 Rain jacket poncho style and water proof bag cover.
 First aid kit
 Small towel
 Water proof pants
 Daily uses thing such as tooth pest ,brush, soap, shampoo etc

 Additional:-
Swimming suit
Pocket knife. And sewing kit.

• During Winter Add:-
– Warm Down fiber Fiber filled Jacket
– Sleeping bag to -15cc with inner sheet
– Thermal underwear
– Woolen shirt and thick sweaters
– Flannel shirt
– Beanie with ear flaps.
– A pair of gloves
– Snow glasses and strap
– Warm woolen shock
– Snow Gaiters
Additional suggestion
-Sandals or slip on shoes
-Camera and memory card
-spare boot lace
-large plastic bag to line kit bag day pack and dirty clothes

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