Trekking and Trekking Style

Trekking and Trekking Style

Trekking and trekking styles:
Nepal is a never-ending outdoor adventure play ground. If you are looking for adventure and cultural experience of life time. Nepal has some of the best ever popular hiking, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, cultural sites and much more. For long staff’s traveler read trekker, for trekking is more than just traveling, trekking is taking part being actively involved in a journey of discovery. If you are aiming to go trekking in Nepal, Pokhara can be a good base to start your trips we can help you with planning your trip. Whereas the modern traveler is too often dependent on third-schedules and mechanical aid trekker chooses to go where wheeled, mechanized transport is either rare or completely unknown, and where walking is the only way to get from A to B In such activity an almost sense of awareness become not only possible but also highly desirable.
Trekking comes in a variety of forms. The choice of trekking style will depend upon many considerations, such as cost, personal experiences, availability of friends with whom to undertake a journey, the almost of time required to organize and carry out the trek, selection of route etc. The following paragraphs therefore discuss options available, giving particular regard to the Annapurna region.
1. Camping trekking:
Camping trekking like explore new adventurous experience life. Usually trekkers will get sleeping tents, dinning tents, toilet tents and kitchen tents. Trekkers spent overnight inside tents. It gives a wild experience with Himalayan Mountains. Also trip is facilitated with tables, chairs, lantern, candles, thin sleeping mattresses and all the cutlery and crockery. These treks are staffed by a full Sherpa crew including a sirdar (headman), cook and assistants. It is their job to perform all the camp work, including leaving the sites cleans, and to guide the route. You will have choice on food during trekking either western or Asian or mixture dishes. Camping trek is fully supported trek which is away from the main trekking routes you walk through lonely and remote areas of Nepal.
2. Tea house Trekking:
Tea house trekking is a relatively cheap way of trekking where the evenings are spent in Teahouse where meals and accommodation are provided. It is the main popular option in the Annapurna Region. Tea house trekking is walking freely to mountains and sleeping in locally available lodges, lunch, dinner and breakfast will be in local tea shop. Tea house trekking is best suited for independent back-packers in preference to having to their gears by them. In less trekked part of Nepal a tea house may be little more than a simple shelter offering refreshment to passing travelers, while a bhatti is very basic hotel. The service they provide may not be four-star but it’s well intentional. Our tea house treks are guided by English, Japanese, French Spanish speaking guide or any other languages on request. It’s a great way to connect with some of local culture.
3. Trekking with supporter/Sherpa/Guide with us:
This can be extremely rewarding and enlightening for the best Nepalese supporters, guide , Sherpa quickly become your trusty friends and companions who will provide a daily insight into the way of people whose country you are traveling through. You are hiring, supporter, Sherpa and guide for you safety , comfort and pleasant journey apart from showing you the trail, he explain to you about the area, place, mountain, temples, cultures, teaching you Nepali language, introducing you to local sharing culture and festival. You will have a licensed guide.
Once you hire a supporter-guide of course you assume employers responsibility for his well being. A guide is for enhancing your experience” the best way to see a country unless you are presses for time is to travel on foot”
A supporter is adding comfort and supporter-guide is to give you both experiences. A supporter –guide is a guide learning process. Guide, supporter is very essential part of you trekking guide and porter can assist you in many way.
We are here for you to provide this service as well…

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